David’s work is about connecting people with the natural world through the practices of natural history, wilderness trips, music and writing.


David is a Professor of Natural History and Ecology at Sterling College in Craftsbury, Vermont, where he teaches natural history courses both on campus and in the field.  These courses all emphasize personal observation and interpretation of the natural world, from seabirds and marine mammals on the Maine and Maritime coast to alpine wildflowers of the High   Sierra.  Over the last decade he has also taught for Prescott College and The Sierra Institute.  David is the author of three books about mountain environments: The Secret Sierra, In the Years of the Mountains and Rise of the Ranges of Light.  He travels and lectures on related topics.   

David is a long-time practitioner of meditation, and the principles of meditation find their way into most aspects of his life, including walking, running, teaching, working on handcrafts, looking at the stars, and visiting with people.  Formal meditation practice is in the tradition of classical yoga philosophy, as articulated through the yoga sutras of Patanjali and such spiritual masters as Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson), Swami Vivekananda and others.  But even the most ancient masters are young when compared to the primal way of being human, which has always involved a healthy animistic outlook on the world, a participatory relationship with nature and spirit (the two aspects on the One) and regular practice of dreaming and divination.  David’s book, Nature, Culture, Consciousness discusses this and many similar notions regarding our relationship with both nature and spirit.  


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