Historia Naturalis: New Album Spring 2014!

After a ten year hiatus, here is a long awaited collection of songs, all inspired by the natural world, forays to wild places and the joy of living close to nature  in Craftsbury, Vermont.  Here are songs about ice out, spring migrants, going to the High Sierra, returning home to the thick green of high summer, taking off again on September camping trips in Maine, the progression of autumn in the north woods, and the inevitable and beautiful return of the ice.

The songs are all played on acoustic instruments, made of wood from living trees we know and love: Red Spruce and Sugar Maple, hand made by craftspeople in North America.  Guitars, mandolins and such are derived versions of wooden boxes (probably gourds and other naturally hollow items at first) in which the sounds of strings (first made form plant and animal materials) resonate.  Hand held percussion instruments such as the tambourine are even more simple: something that sounds interesting to strike with the hand or foot.  The human voice is more ancient still!

These songs are written as sing-alongs, in the ancient tradition of participatory music (which means good, but not too good that just about anyone can’t join right in).  Enjoy the music!

Thanks and gratitude for listening.


Favorite Tracks: 1. Spring, 2. Warbler in the Morning, 3. Up on the Mountain, 8. Autumn

1. Spring

2. Warbler in the Morning

3. Up on the Mountains

4. Cloud’s Rest

5. Wildflowers

6. Wild for Awhile

7. Coming Home Again

8. Autumn

9. Freezing Rain


One Last Wish 2004

Favorite tracks: 2. Tumbledown, 5. Give Me a Song, 8. Ask for the Boatman

1. The Far Shore

2. Tumbledown

3. Pictures of You

4. One Last Wish

5. Give me a Song

6. Stop these Times

7. Thirty Years After

8. Ask for the Boatman

9. Butch Cassidy


Musica Americana 2002

Favorite tracks: 1. West with You, 2. Two Sheets to the Wind, 3. Raining in October

1. West with You

2. Two Sheets to the Wind

3. Raining in October

4. Save Ourselves

5. Goin’ Down the River

6. Sometimes When I Dream

7. Shake My Soul

8. Girl from the North Country

9. These Days